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Drive About: Number Neighborhood by Artgig Apps


Drive About: Number Neighborhood by Artgig Apps is a play-centered world full of well-designed and engaging educational math readiness games for preschoolers. The app contains 9 mini games which practice a wide range of math skills including number recognition, number sequencing, addition, counting up to 20, shape recognition, and number writing. The mini games do not require mastery or progress in one game to advance to the next resulting in forever fun-filled experiences. Children can follow a map to lead them to different games or can drive different vehicles (a submarine, a tug boat, a car, and even a rocket!) to find each game. The mini games demonstrate mathematic principles through play such as finding number balance on the teeter-totter or number sequencing through skiing. In-game cheers and smiles of in-game characters reinforce accomplishments of successful skill mastery within each game. There is no negative feedback within the mini games which encourages continued play and practice of math skills. In addition, children will find relatable objects in the games including familiar animals, household objects, and outdoor settings. A playful and smart way to make math fun!